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  • Lock Formers / Rollformers

    Lock Formers / Rollformers (11)

    WNS Pittsburgh Lock Formers/Rollformers are principally used for joining sheet metal on duct sections with the traditional pittsburgh lock profile. The ‘lock’ is formed in one pass and a flange is inserted into the pocket. These machines are available in 16swg (1.6mm), 18swg (1.2mm) and 20swg (1.0mm) capacities. WNS Button Punch Snap Lock Rollformers are 20swg (1.0mm) capacity machines. These…
  • Gorelockers / Elbow Machines

    Gorelockers / Elbow Machines (1)

    WNS Gorelocker/Elbow machines are principally used for producing standing lockseam elbows and reducers. There are two separate workstations comprising of a flanging station, controlled by foot and a seam closing station, controlled by a hand joystick, giving the user accurate speed and pressure control.
  • Power Flangers / Easy Edgers

    Power Flangers / Easy Edgers (2)

    WNS Power Flangers (Easy Edgers) are principally used for forming a right angle flange on curved, straight and irregular shapes.  Fitted with tilting heads enables complete circles to be formed. Manufactured with hardened top plates, shafts, forming rolls, gears and guide fences.
  • Seam Closers / Lockers & Hammers

    Seam Closers / Lockers & Hammers (6)

    WNS Seam Closers, Lockers & Hammers are principally designed to close ducting joints on sheet metal, such as Pittsburgh Lock and Double Seam.  Pneumatic and electric models available, accommodating material up to 1.2mm thick.
  • Flange Folders / Cheek Benders

    Flange Folders / Cheek Benders (1)

    WNS 20swg (1.0mm) Flange Folder is the ideal machine when forming regular sized flanges. Designed to create a right angle flange on pre-cut sheet, this machine provides quick and easy folding of material up to 1.0mm thickness (mild steel).
  • Beading / Duct Stiffening Machines

    Beading / Duct Stiffening Machines (1)

    WNS Beading Machines are ideal for duct manufacturers. These machines have one pair of driving rolls and one pair of beading rolls. The sheet is placed on the entry table alongside the guide fences and then passed through the machine, producing stiffening beads. This enables a stronger duct to be formed and in some cases thinner material to be used. These…
  • Swagers - Power & Manual

    Swagers - Power & Manual (10)

    1WNS Universal Swagers are principally used for swaging, beading, wiring, crimping and forming of sheet metal. Available as a powered machine, such as the WNS Power Swager (PS280), (PS280J) and (PS215). Or manually operated Swagers, including the WNS Hand Swager (HS215), (HS200), (HS177) and (HJ70).  We also stock and supply various swager rolls, available to purchase separately.
  • Initial Pinch Bending Rolls

    Initial Pinch Bending Rolls (21)

    WNS Initial Pinch Hand Bending Rolls are principally used for rolling tubes/cylinders in sheet metal.  The metal is ‘pinched’ between two rolls and curves as it comes into contact with the third (back) forming roll.  Powered or manually operated with the option to be complete with a stand or bench mountable.
  • Folders - Straight & Box and Pan

    Folders - Straight & Box and Pan (16)

    WNS Folders are principally used for bending and folding sheet metal to various angles up to 135°. We offer a range of folding lengths from 3000mm  to 600mm and up to 2.5mm capacity in mild steel. Our Box & Pan Folders also feature multiple sizes of segmented fingers and 2 x counterbalance weights for assisted operation.
  • Guillotines, Slitters & Shears

    Guillotines, Slitters & Shears (12)

    WNS Guillotines/Shears are principally used for cutting/shearing mild steel, aluminium, copper, brass and zinc. Our Guillotines have cutting lengths from 3000mm to 650mm and with a maximum capacity of up to 4.0mm. We have Powered/Mechanical, Treadle/Foot Operated and Lever Guillotines available with various different features.
  • 3 in 1 Combination Machines

    3 in 1 Combination Machines (4)

    WNS 3 in 1 Combination Machines include Bending Rolls, Guillotine & Folder. The Bending Rolls are used for rolling tubes/cylinders, the sectional fingers allow box & pan work by increments, the folding bed will fold sheet metal over the full length and the Guillotine accommodates cutting over the full length of the machine. Available in 1000mm, 750mm and 300mm.
  • Croppers & Shears

    Croppers & Shears (6)

    WNS Lever Croppers/Shears are designed for cutting flat, round, square, angular and t-beam steel. We offer a variety of different blade sizes and capacities. Spare blades are also available separately.
  • Corner Notchers

    Corner Notchers (6)

    WNS Corner Notchers have a fixed cutting angle of 90 degrees and can notch between 220mm² to 80mm² with a maximum capacity of up to 6.0mm. We offer models that are Hydraulically, Manually or Foot Operated.
  • Metal Saws

    Metal Saws (3)

    WNS Band Saw (BS2540) is used for cutting circular and rectangular metal.  This saw has a cutting angle of 60° and 45° and a quick adjusting vice for angled cuts. The BS2450 has a powerful dual speed of 40rpm & 80rpm and is gear driven. WNS Circular Cut Off Saw (CS315) has a 315mm diameter blade and is designed to cut ferrous…
  • Pedestal Spot Welders

    Pedestal Spot Welders (2)

    CEA RESTECH Rocker Arm Spot Welders are easy to use and ideal for all metal welding. An optimised pressed in electrode on the lower arm and long electrode holder on the upper arm makes this machine ideal for the ducting industry. Available in two models, mechanically foot operated (SWZ18) and pneumatically foot operated (SWZP18).
  • Belt Grinders

    Belt Grinders (2)

    WNS Belt Grinder/Linishers are predominantly used for grinding castings clean, or any metal surface which requires burrs to be removed. Available with a 2000mm Long x 150mm Wide Belt (BG150) or 2000mm Long x 100mm Wide Belt (MBG100).
  • Ring Rollers

    Ring Rollers (10)

    WNS Ring Rollers are able to roll a variety of different materials and thicknesses, depending on the material type and quality. Available as a powered and manual machines.
  • Bar & Scroll Benders

    Bar & Scroll Benders (6)

    WNS Bar Benders are principally used for bending/forming flat, round, square and angular bar into various angles. Depending on the model, various sizes and capacities can be formed. WNS Scroll Benders are used for angular, roll, hoop and coil bending. They are used to produce grids, door gates, balcony railings as well as rod iron lamps. Available in two models (SB40)…
  • Scroll Machinery

    Scroll Machinery (2)

    WNS Scroll Benders are used for angular, roll, hoop and coil bending. They are used to produce grids, door gates, balcony railings as well as rod iron lamps. Available in two models (SB40) and (SB30).
  • Tube & Pipe Machinery

    Tube & Pipe Machinery (14)

    WNS Tube Rollers can be used for rolling box section & flat bar into curves, these machines can also be used on round and square bar & square tube. WNS Tube/Pipe Benders are ideal for building race car roll cages, custom motorcycle frames and much more. They come complete with 3 dies or 4 dies included. WNS Tube/Pipe Notchers are used to notch round…
  • Roller Tables & Stands

    Roller Tables & Stands (3)

    WNS Roller Tables are robust tables are ideal for use with saws. Available in 2000mm and 1000mm. WNS Roller Stand is a robust stand that is ideal for use with WNS Roller Tables. The stand has an overall length of 450mm and has maximum load of 900Kg.
  • Auto Restoration Tools

    Auto Restoration Tools (12)

    WNS Autobody Repair Kit is ideal for car panel repairs and includes 3 sized hammers and 4 shaped dollies, comes complete with plastic moulded case. WNS T-Dollies are ideal for tank or body panel forming. They are designed to be mounted in a vice (not included) to form radius panel edges and flanges. Available as straight or tapered.
  • Bead Rollers - Power & Manual

    Bead Rollers - Power & Manual (21)

    WNS Bead Rollers are principally used for swaging, beading and forming of sheet metal. Powered machines are available with a throat depth of 910mm, 610mm or 395mm, with a capacity of 1.0mm. Manual Bead Roller Rolls are also available either complete with a stand or vice mountable, the throat depth ranges from 508mm to 305mm. Most of our Bead Rollers…
  • English Wheeling Machines

    English Wheeling Machines (5)

    WNS English Wheeling Machines are used predominantly for the restoration of bodywork on cars, planes and motorcycles, though can be used for many other purposes. The available throat depths range from 1100mm to 700mm.
  • Pneumatic Planishing Hammers

    Pneumatic Planishing Hammers (8)

    WNS Pneumatic Planishing Hammers are used for shaping sheet metal by hammering against a shaped surface. These pneumatic machines vastly speed up the process by striking thousands of blows per minute. Planishing is a process used in auto body repair and sheet metal craft work such as medieval armour production. Available as 610mm or 498mm throat depth.
  • Shrinker / Stretchers

    Shrinker / Stretchers (14)

    WNS Shrinker/Stretchers are used to create smooth radius curves in sheet metal, without cutting, welding, heating or hammering. The Shrinker contracts the metal for inside curves and the Stretcher expands the metal for outside curves. These machines are predominantly used on body panels for cars and aeroplanes, however are also utilised in many other areas to fabricate or repair metal work…
  • Spare Parts, Consumables & Accessories

    Spare Parts, Consumables & Accessories (42)

    With specialist know how, WNS are leaders in the repair of RAS Ductseamers & Ductzippers and all leading brands of Rollformers. We stock parts for many worldwide brands such as RAS, Lockformer, Edwards, Shorte, Oliver, Frost and more!
  • DRACO Shears

    DRACO Shears (2)

    DRACO Shears are ideal for cutting multiple heavy duty seams including spiral ducting, seams, mesh and wire ect. The tool cuts formed parts without distortion or straightening, burr free cutting and no finishing of the edges is required. This long life tool is easy, safe and simple to use. Cutting of U,C & L profiles are possible on this accurate…
  • ECKOLD Clinching Pliers

    ECKOLD Clinching Pliers (1)

    ECKOLD Portable Clinching Pliers are pneumatically driven and have integrated adjustable stroke limitation, for the application of individual clinching elements on various metal sheet combinations. The clinching pliers can be used for a wide range for applications, are easy to operate and light in weight.
  • ESPRIT Arrow CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

    ESPRIT Arrow CNC Plasma Cutting Machine (1)

    ESPRIT Arrow Plasma Cutting Machine combines the latest in machine and plasma cutting technology in a compact package and offers the best price/performance ratio in its class. The latest Inverter controlled Hypertherm Powermax45 plasma cutting systems give superb cutting performance along with low running costs.
  • ENGEL EUROPA Coil Line

    ENGEL EUROPA Coil Line (1)

    ENGEL Europa I-Fold Duct Coil Line offers most of the functionality of a conventional coil line with the advantage of a vastly reduced 3M x 2M floor space. The I-Fold gives the Operator the ability to use standard coil widths in multiple gauges up to 1.6mm and manufacturing ductwork to any sizes from a minimum of 120mm x 120mm.
  • FROST Circle Cutters

    FROST Circle Cutters (3)

    FROST CIRCLE CUTTERS have a 80mm – 1000mm circle blanks diameter range and can accommodate mild steel up to 1.6mm. The Circle Cutters are fitted with inclined shafts to achieve internal and external cutting. A manual and powered option are available.
  • JORG Hydraulic Corner Notcher

    JORG Hydraulic Corner Notcher (1)

    JORG Hydraulic Corner Notcher (HCN1028_JORG) is a heavily constructed machine with adjustable guides. In one operation a corner of 102mm x 102mm x 3.0mm can be cut in mild steel. The fine adjustable lower blades guarantee a smooth cut and blades are of special quality steel. The side guides are adjustable along scales and can be used for straight corners and…
  • KINGSLAND Machinery

    KINGSLAND Machinery (2)

    KINGSLAND ‘Compact 50’ is the most compact steelworker in the range of hydraulic steelworkers.  The punch station is designed to enable multiple punching applications. The universal bolster offers the option of punching sheetmetal, flat bar, angle iron and the flange of channel and beam, all of which can be punched up to a maximum diameter of 38 mm in the…
  • MORGAN RUSHWORTH Pneumatic Seam Closer

    MORGAN RUSHWORTH Pneumatic Seam Closer (1)

    Pneumatic Seam Closer (PSC1330) is designed to close a double seam join, with a professional uniform finish. The motorised top roll is pneumatically lowered onto the material and raised at the completion of the closed seam. The seam closer has an adjustable operating pressure, pneumatically operated top roll and fast closing of seams.
  • Duct Manufacturing Workshop Set Up

    Duct Manufacturing Workshop Set Up (1)

    Let WNS be your 'One Stop Shop' to help set up and complete your perfect duct manufacturing workshop.  No matter how small or large, WNS can supply, source, co-ordinate and organise your every machinery requirement.   No more juggling of multiple suppliers, multiple payments and multiple headaches! WNS works alongside the very best to deliver the very best.  From initial quote,…

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