Hand Swager 200mm

Manual Swagers

Swagers are principally used for swaging, beading, wiring, crimping and forming of sheet metal. Available as a powered machine, such as the WNS Power Swager (PS280), (PS280J) and (PS215). Or manually operated Swagers, including the WNS Hand Swager (HS215), (HS200), (HS177) and (HJ70). These manual machines feature the ability to be bench or vice mounted for the ease of mobility. We also stock and supply various swager rolls that are available to purchase separately.


WNS HAND SWAGERS (HS200) are principally used for swaging, beading, wiring, crimping and forming of sheet metal. This Hand Swager has a 200mm (8″) throat and can accommodate mild steel sheet up to a maximum of 1.2mm thick. This machine comes complete with 5 sets of rolls.

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Additional information

Weight 57 kg
Model: HS200
Throat Depth: 200mm (8″)
Maximum Thickness: 1.2mm Mild Steel
Wiring Rolls (x 1): 3.0mm
Crimping Rolls (x 1): 1 Set
Jenny Rolls (x 1): 1 Set
Swage Rolls (x 1): 6.0mm
Flat Rolls (x 1): 1 Set
Shaft Size: 26mm Diameter
Cylinder Length: 140mm
Dimensions – machine (apx): 640mm x 340mm x 500mm (l x w x h)
Dimensions – packing (apx): 580mm x 320mm x 590mm (l x w x h)
Weights – net/gross (apx): 46Kg/57Kg

All capacities are based on the use of Rollforming quality Mild Steel. All specifications, dimensions & weights are approximate & are to be used as a guide. Colours may vary. All prices are subject to delivery costs and applicable VAT. W. Neal Services Ltd reserves the right to alter any specifications. Please note products are not to scale. E&OE.


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SKU: HS200

Hand Swager 200mm

£600.00 excluding VAT

12 Month Warranty

  • 200mm (8″) Throat
  • 1.2mm Capacity Mild Steel 
  • Complete with 5 Sets of Rolls (including):
    • Wiring
    • Crimping
    • Jenny
    • Swage
    • Flat
  • Additional Rolls Available
  • 12 Month Warranty*

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