Kingsland Compact Hydraulic Steelworker Compact 50



KINGSLAND ‘Compact 50’ HYDRAULIC STEELWORKER is universal and compact.  This machine is equipped with five workstations, developed for production purposes with maximum efficiency as a result of continuous improvement and innovation.

The compact machine is designed, well engineered and manufactured for long working life using long experience in the manufacturing of hydraulic machinery.

The punch station is designed to enable multiple punching applications. The universal bolster offers the option of punching, flat bar, angle iron and the flange of channel and beam, all of which can be punched up to a maximum diameter of 38 mm in the standard execution. Tooling for special applications is available on request. Large, heavy-duty tables with guides are part of the extensive range of standard equipment. The machines are equipped with blades for cropping round and square bars, optional blades are available for cutting U-, I-, T- and many other special profiles. Angle iron can be cut on 90° and/or 45° (through both flanges, internal and external). All blades have multiple cutting edges and can be reground. The shear is equipped with a simple, but robust holddown, adjustable for every plate thickness within the capacity of the machine. A heavy-duty support table is fitted in order to guarantee an accurate feeding of the material. This machine is available in 415v or 240v.

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Model: SW50_kland
Maximum Capacity: 23mm x 15mm
Throat Depth: 220mm
Diameter and Thickness: 9.0mm x 38mm
Largest Hole Diameter: 38mm Standard, 110mm Optional
Stroke Length: 55mm
Maximum Section: 160mm
Working Height: 940mm
Maximum Thickness (flat bar): 200mm x 15mm
Maximum Width (flat bar): 300mm x 13mm
Angle Flange Trim: 80mm x 10mm
Working Height: 940mm
90° Cut: 100mm x 10mm
45° Mitre mas 45°: 70mm x 6.0mm
Working Height: 1140mm
Round/Square: 35mm/30mm
Channel/Beam: 102mm x 51mm
Tee: 76mm x 10mm
Material Thickness: 10mm
Width x Depth (rectangular): 42mm x 90mm
Depth (vee): 60mm
Angle Flange: 90mm x 10mm
Working Height: 940mm
Sheet Bending Max Thickness: 150mm x 2.0mm
Bar Bending on Notch End: 150mm x 12mm
Corner Notch Maximum Capacity: 150mm x 3.0mm
Tube Notch Maximum Diameter: 60mm
Maximum Capacity: 18mm x 12mm
Throat Depth: 110mm
Supply Voltage: 415v, 3 Phase or 240v, Single Phase
Motor Power: 3.7kW
Dimensions – machine (apx): 1520mm x 590mm x 1700mm (l x w x h)
Dimensions – packing (apx): 1660mm x 770mm x 1900mm (l x w x h)
Weights – net/gross (apx): 1245Kg/1365Kg


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SKU: SW50_kland

Kingsland Compact Hydraulic Steelworker Compact 50

  • Universal Compact Hydraulic Steelworker
  • 5 Workstations
  • Punch Station
  • Section Cutting Station
  • Angle Station
  • Shearing Station
  • Notching Station
  • 415v, 3 Phase or 240v, Single Phase

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