Power Operated Guillotines

Power Guillotines


These POWER GUILLOTINES are designed for fast cutting of steel sheets.  They are a heavy duty, welded steel design with either a motorised or manual back stop. The machines are operated by a foot switch with an emergency stop switch installed.  They are complete with a light barrier for rear stop area as well as front support arms.

2050mm x 3.0mm Capacity. (MPG2050/3)

1250mm x 4.0mm Capacity. (MPG1250/4)

1250mm x 3.0mm Capacity. (MPG1250/3)

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Weight 1500 kg
Models Available: 2050mm x 3.0mm Capacity. (MPG2050/3)
1250mm x 4.0mm Capacity. (MPG1250/4)
1250mm x 3.0mm Capacity. (MPG1250/3)


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Power Operated Guillotines

  • Power Operated
  • Heavy Duty
  • c/w Light Barrier For Rear Stop Area
  • Foot Operated
  • Delivery Available
  • Viewing Welcome

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