RAS 20swg (1.0mm) Ductseamer 22.81 (Ref:016)RAS 20swg (1.0mm) Ductseamer 22.81 (Ref:016)RAS 20swg (1.0mm) Ductseamer 22.81 (Ref:016)

RAS 20swg (1.0mm) Ductseamer 22.81 (Ref:016)

• Used/Reconditioned
• 20swg (1.0mm) Capacity
• c/w Sheet Supports
• In Feed Table: 1700mm
• Out Feed Table: 2000mm
• 415v, 3 Phase Electrics

Product Description

The RAS 20swg (1.0mm) Ductseamer 22.81 produces longitudinal seams along the edges of square or rectangular cross-section ducts. The machine has 15 roller shafts which are equipped with seaming rollers, and nine further intermediate rollers are located in an overhead seaming bar. The RAS 22.81 is a very simple and reliable machine that can be easily operated by one person.