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  • HERBERT Tapping Machine HERBERT Tapping Machine

    £1,650.00 £950.00 excluding VAT

    HERBERT Tapping Machine

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    SKU: HTM50
  • Ex Demo – Foot Corner Notcher 80mm

    £700.00 £650.00 excluding VAT

    Ex Demo – Foot Corner Notcher 80mm

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    SKU: FN80
  • Treadle Guillotine 1320mm Treadle Guillotine 1320mm

    £1,850.00 £1,750.00 excluding VAT

    Treadle Guillotine 1320mm

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    SKU: TG1320
  • CMZ 20swg (1.0mm) Pittsburgh Lock Rollformer CMZ 20swg (1.0mm) Pittsburgh Lock Rollformer

    £1,450.00 £1,350.00 excluding VAT

    CMZ 20swg (1.0mm) Pittsburgh Lock Rollformer

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    SKU: REF:247
  • Box & Pan Folder 2500mm Box & Pan Folder 2500mm

    £6,000.00 £5,000.00 excluding VAT

    Box & Pan Folder 2500mm

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    SKU: WBPF2500
  • Power Swager 280mm Power Swager 280mm

    £3,050.00 £2,800.00 excluding VAT

    Power Swager 280mm

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    SKU: PS280J
  • Rubberwood Workbench 1260mm Rubberwood Workbench 1260mm

    £100.00 £75.00 excluding VAT

    Rubberwood Workbench 1260mm

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    SKU: WB01
  • Band Saw 2450mm Band Saw 2450mm

    £2,460.00 £2,214.00 excluding VAT

    Band Saw 2450mm

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    SKU: BS2450
  • Manual Bead Roller 610mm Manual Bead Roller 610mm

    £510.00 £385.00 excluding VAT

    Manual Bead Roller 610mm

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    SKU: BR610

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