Used Products

  • Ductseamers & Ductzippers

    Ductseamers & Ductzippers (36)

    RAS Ductseamers 22.81 & 22.82 and DuctZippers 20.10 & 20.12 produce longitudinal seams along the edges of square or rectangular cross-section ducts. These duct seaming machines have 15 roller shafts which are equipped with seaming rollers and nine further intermediate rollers, located in an overhead seaming bar.
  • Elbow Machines / Gorelockers

    Elbow Machines / Gorelockers (5)

    Elbow Machines / Gorelockers are principally used for producing standing lockseam elbows and reducers and can easily produce segment bends, reducers, end caps, offsets, etc in various thicknesses in sheet metal.
  • Rollformers & Lockformers

    Rollformers & Lockformers (79)

    Pittsburgh Lock Formers / Rollformers are principally used for joining sheet metal on duct sections, available in 16swg (1.6mm) and 20swg (1.0mm) capacities. Button Punch Snap Lock Rollformers are available in 20swg (1.0mm) capacity. This machine produces a flange and punched louvers and the duct is ‘snapped’ together. Double Extended Shaft Rollformers are 9 station machines onto which many auxiliary rolls can be fitted.…
  • Power Flangers

    Power Flangers (25)

    Power Flangers (Easy Edgers) are principally used for forming a right angle flange on curved, straight and irregular shapes.
  • Beading / Duct Stiffening Machines

    Beading / Duct Stiffening Machines (1)

    Beading Machines are ideal for duct manufacturers. These machines have one pair of driving rolls and one pair of beading rolls. The sheet is placed on the entry table alongside the guide fences and then passed through the machine, producing stiffening beads. This enables a stronger duct to be formed and in some cases thinner material to be used.
  • Universal Swagers

    Universal Swagers (47)

    Universal Swagers, powered or manual, are principally used for swaging, beading, wiring, crimping and forming of sheet metal. We also stock and supply various swager rolls that are available to purchase separately.
  • Initial Pinch Bending Rolls

    Initial Pinch Bending Rolls (29)

    Initial Pinch Bending Rolls are principally used for rolling tubes/cylinders in sheet metal.  The metal is ‘pinched’ between two rolls and curves as it comes into contact with the third (back) forming roll.
  • Sheet Metal Folders

    Sheet Metal Folders (20)

    Sheet Metal Folders are principally used for bending and folding sheet metal to various angles up. Box & Pan Folders also feature multiple sizes of segmented fingers and (normally) 2 x counterbalance weights for assisted operation.
  • Circle Cutters

    Circle Cutters (14)

    Circle Cutters are used for creating various diameters of circle blanks in sheet metal. Usually fitted with inclined shafts to achieve internal and external cutting.
  • Clinching Machines

    Clinching Machines (4)

    Clinching Machines are pneumatically driven and have integrated adjustable stroke limitation, for the application of individual clinching elements on various metal sheet combinations. The clinching machines can be used for a wide range for applications, are easy to operate and light in weight. 
  • Corner Notchers

    Corner Notchers (3)

    Corner Notchers have a fixed cutting angle of 90 degrees and can notch corners in sheet metal in various thicknesses.
  • Corner Press

    Corner Press (2)

    Corner Presses are pneumatic pressing tools for a corrosion free connection between corner angles and air duct profiles.
  • Guillotines Slitter & Shears

    Guillotines Slitter & Shears (15)

    Guillotines/Shears are principally used for cutting/shearing mild steel, aluminium, copper, brass and zinc.
  • Hydroform


    Hydroforms are hydro-mechanically operated machines, and all movements can be preset for the folding angle, metal thickness and top beam movements. This machine ensures quick and accurate repeat bends.
  • Pillar Drills

    Pillar Drills (4)

    Pillar Drills is used for drilling holes through materials including a range of woods, plastics and metals.
  • Plasma Cutters

    Plasma Cutters (5)

    Plasma Cutters are used cut through conductive metals and works by passing a super fast jet of hot plasma onto the metal to cut through it.
  • Ring Rollers

    Ring Rollers

    Ring Rollers are able to roll a variety of different materials and thicknesses, depending on the material type and quality. Available as a powered and manual machines.
  • Saws

    Saws (7)

    Metal Saws are used for cutting/sawing various types of material, such as bar, tubing, pipe, angle iron, and more.
  • Self Pierce Riveting System

    Self Pierce Riveting System (1)

    Self Pierce Riveting is a cold joining process used to fasten two or more sheets of material by driving a rivet through the top sheet(s) and securing the rivet into the lower sheet without piercing it.
  • Welders

    Welders (10)

    Spot Welders are used for joining sheet metal using the heat obtained from resistance to electric current. The metal is held together under pressure exerted by the electrodes.

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