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W. Neal Services Ltd

Manufacturing HVAC machinery and equipment for the ducting industry for over 40 years!

All WNS manufactured machinery is precision built in our own factories, ensuring the maximum standards are met and the highest quality of production. Our products are built for productivity and long working life.

Beginning life from the garage of our family home, W. Neal Services Ltd has developed and grown into the industry recognised brand that it is today with factories in Rochford Essex, England and our joint venture company Ductfab Equipments India; located in Navi Mumbai, on the outskirts of Bombay.

Whilst predominantly supplying machinery and service to the HVAC industry, WNS has incorporated many ancillary lines reaching out to a much wider customer base and thus fulfilling far more diverse requirements.

We also customarily buy, recondition and sell used machinery, such as, Ductseamers, Rollformers, Folders, Bending Rolls & Guillotines; and stock parts for many worldwide brands such as RAS, Lockformer, Edwards, Shorte, Oliver and more.

The History Of WNS

Beginning life from the garage of our family home in 1981, WNS began supplying, servicing and repairing sheet metal working machines, specialising in Rollforming machinery.
In 1989, W. Neal Services Ltd began manufacturing its own line of Rollformers and soon after Power Flangers, Swagers, Bending Rolls and Flange Folders.
W. Neal Services Ltd share technology and expertise with DUCTFAB India (formally W. Neal Services India Pvt Ltd).
WNS remains a family run business. We aim to supply the highest quality ducting & fabrication and auto restoration machinery, not only in regard to sales, but maintenance and beyond.


We have been sharing our technology and expertise with our Indian partner since 1999.

Since it’s establishment in 1999, DUCTFAB EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD (originally W. NEAL SERVICES (India) PVT. LTD), has been making its mark on the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) sector. With time tested technical know-how from W. Neal Services Ltd UK, Ductfab is producing some of the finest equipment for the HVAC sector.

DUCTFAB manufactures a wide range of quality machinery from 16swg, 18swg and 20swg Pittsburgh Lock Rollformers to Swagers and high-tech automated Duct Forming Lines.

Ductfab works closely and consistently with WNS UK, it is fondly known as part of the extended family.