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LAST 2020mm Box & Pan Folder in stock has now be reduced by £150!! Now only £4600.00

Our BRAND NEW in stock Power Box & Pan Folder is priced at just £7400.00, or if a Powered machine is not something you need then why not take a look at our Manual Box & Pan Folder 1500mm x 1.5mm which will cost you just £1950.00.

LOOKING FOR A BARGAIN? Our Foot Clamping Box & Pan Folder (BPFC1270) have just been reduced from £1950.00 down to its lowest price ever of £1585.00.

Not only is there savings on Box & Pan Folders but you can save up to £120.00 on Straight Folders.

Price deductions on Power, Treadle and Lever Guillotines, if you’ve ever missed out before, don’t hesitate and miss again! 

foot-clamping-folder-2500/2000-wns-bpfc2500/2000  box-pan-folder-1320-wns-bpf1320  box-pan-folder-2500-2020-wns-bpf2500-bpf2020  treadle-guillotine-1000-fabricated-wns-tg1000