SENTE MAKINA Seam Closer Ductseamer

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RAS Ductseamers 22.81 & 22.82 and DuctZippers 20.10 & 20.12 produce longitudinal seams along the edges of square or rectangular cross-section ducts. These duct seaming machines have 15 roller shafts which are equipped with seaming rollers and nine further intermediate rollers, located in an overhead seaming bar. WNS has over 30 years experience in reconditioning RAS Ductseamers and DuctZippers also offering exceptional service and repair of these fantastically engineered machines.


This is a used machine.
The SENTE MAKINA Seam Closer is designed to seam the rectangular ducts, square ducts and
plain sheets. The machine can make both rectangular and square ductform clamps. The clamping job formed in three stages. Firstly, it is rollformes to both sheets at the front bending. Secondly, conjunction of the two sheets is obtained and lastly the clamp is made. Besides silent operation of the machine, it is easy to use and economical with its output and energy saving features. Among the similar machines with its clamp (seaming) type it is tighter and has less air leakage it has got special roller lits, which are highly resistant to friction and break downs. The operation time is 15-20 seconds. (DUCTS01)

This machine is now sold.


Model: DUCTS01
Maximum Thickness: 1.0mm
In Feed Table Length: 1700mm
Out Feed Table Length: 1700mm
Motor Power: 3.0kw
Supply Voltage: 415v, 3 Phase
Weight (apx): 640Kg

All capacities are based on the use of Rollforming quality Mild Steel. All specifications, dimensions & weights are approximate & are to be used as a guide. Colours may vary. All prices are subject to delivery costs and applicable VAT. W. Neal Services Ltd reserves the right to alter any specifications. Please note products are not to scale. E&OE.


SENTE MAKINA Seam Closer Ductseamer

  • Used
  • 1.0mm Capacity
  • 415v, 3 Phase Electrics

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