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Eckold Portable Clinching Pliers (CLINCH_eckold)

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• 35mm Throat Horizontal
• 85mm Throat Vertical
• 3.0mm Capacity Mild Steel
• Single Stroke

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ECKOLD Portable Clinching Pliers are pneumatically driven and have integrated adjustable stroke limitation, for the application of individual clinching elements on various metal sheet combinations. The clinching pliers can be used for a wide range for applications, are easy to operate and light in weight.


Model: CLINCH_eckold
Horizontal Throat: 35mm
Vertical Throat: 82mm
Maximum Thickness: 3.0mm Mild Steel
Stroke Frequency: Single
Input Pressure: 6 Bar
Pressure Force: 360 Bar
Dimensions – machine (apx): 3310mm x 670mm x 1520mm (l x w x h)
Weight (apx): 3.5Kg 
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