Manual Ring Roller 75mm

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WNS RING ROLLER (RR75) is capable of rolling full circles of different materials and thicknesses because of its open face design. This machine has 30mm hardened shafts running in bronze bushes and heavy cast frame construction to assist with bending functions. The machine comes complete with a base/storage cabinet and standard rolls. Machine can form radius’ in flat bar, flat bar on edge, round bar, square bar, box section and tube depending on the size and thickness. Material can be formed quickly and easily or progressively on heavier sections.

Additional sizes of dies available.

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Weight1000 kg
Maximum Thickness (with standard tooling):

Flat Bar (on Flat):50mm x 10mm. 350mm Min Diameter
Flat Bar (on Edge):20mm x 5.0mm x 190mm Min Diameter
30mm x 10mm x 500mm Min Diameter
Angle Iron:
35mm x 35mm x 4.5mm. 600mm Min Diameter
30mm x 30mm x 4.0mm. 400mm Min Diameter
Round Bar:Up to 25mm. 600mm Min Diameter
Square Bar:Up to 20mm. 500mm Min Diameter
Square (RHS) Tube:
35mm x 35mm x 2.0mm. 1000mm Min Diameter
40mm x 20mm x 2.0mm. 1200mm Min Diameter
Top Roll (x 1):75mm Wide x 98mm Diameter
Bottoms Rolls (2):75mm Wide x 118mm Diameter
Dimensions – machine (apx):470mm x 400mm x 1420mm (l x w x h)
Dimensions – packing (apx):1200mm x 1200mm x 1000mm (l x w x h)
Weights – net/gross (apx):153Kg/170Kg

All capacities are based on the use of Rollforming quality Mild Steel. All specifications, dimensions & weights are approximate & are to be used as a guide. Colours may vary. All prices are subject to delivery costs and applicable VAT. W. Neal Services Ltd reserves the right to alter any specifications. Please note products are not to scale. E&OE.


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Manual Ring Roller 75mm

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  • Manual Ring Roller
  • c/w 1 Sets of Dies
  • 30mm Shaft Diameter
  • 1 x Top Roll: 75mm x 98mm Diameter
  • 2 x Bottom Rolls: 75mm x 118mm Diameter

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