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WNS BEAD ROLLER ROLLS are ideally suited for any WNS Bead Roller with a 22mm diameter shaft. We have a selections of rolls available, including: Hem, Spoiler, Step, Louver, Tipping, Angle, Tanking, Jenny, Swage/Bead & Pipe/Bead Rolls.

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Bead Roller Rolls

Tanking Rolls 15mm Radius, Jenny Rolls, Swage – 24mm Bead Rolls, Swage – 28mm Bead Rolls, Swage – 32mm Bead Rolls, Hem Rolls – 3/8", 90°, Spoiler Rolls, Standard Tank Rolls, Louver Rolls, Tipping Rolls, Angle Rolls – 30°, Round Bead Rolls – 19mm, Step Rolls – 45°, Pipe/Bead Rolls

Rolls Available:

(Please make a selection via the dropdown box and view photographs above accordingly):


Hem Rolls (3/8”, 90°)
Spoiler Rolls
Louver Rolls
Tipping Rolls
Angle Rolls (30°)
Round Bead Rolls (19mm)
Step Rolls (45°)
Tanking Rolls (15mm Radius)
Jenny Rolls
Swage Rolls (24mm)
Swage Rolls (28mm)
Swage Rolls (32mm)
Pipe/Bead Rolls

All capacities are based on the use of mild steel. All specifications, dimensions & weights are approximate & are to be used as a guide. Colours may vary.  Please note photographs/drawings may not be to scale. All prices are subject to delivery costs and applicable VAT. W. Neal Services Ltd reserves the right to alter any specifications. *For warranty terms please see our full Terms & Conditions.  E&OE.


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SKU: BR/Rolls

Bead Roller Rolls 22mm ID


  • 22mm Inside Diameter
  • Suitable for 22mm Shaft Bead Rollers
  • Choice of 13 Types of Rolls (Including):
  • Hem
  • Spoiler
  • Step
  • Louver
  • Tipping
  • Angle
  • Tanking
  • Jenny
  • Swage/Bead
  • Pipe/Bead
  • Round Bead
  • Worldwide Delivery

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