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WNS Initial Pinch Hand Bending Rolls 1520mm x 75mm x 1.2mm (BR1520/75wns)

Manufactured by W. NEAL SERVICES LTD

• Bottom Slip
• 1520mm Length x 75mm Diameter
• 1.2mm Capacity Mild Steel

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£1,400.00 excluding VAT

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Manufactured by W. NEAL SERVICES LTD
WNS (EDWARDS Style) Hand Bending Rolls. The BR1520/75wns Bending Rolls are 1520mm long and can accommodate mild steel sheet up to 1.2mm thick. The roll diameter is 75mm. The Bending Rolls are bottom slip. Initial Pinch Bending Rolls are used for rolling sheet metal into curves and cylinders.  The Bending Rolls ‘pinch’ the metal between two rolls and curves it as it comes into contact with the third (back) forming roll.  This curves the material into a cylindrical form.  1.5 times the upper roll diameter is often the tightest diameter achievable. Results will vary depending on metal thickness, width, tensile strength and level of expertise! These Bending Rolls have a Fabricated Steel Frame.

Please note, photographs are of the WNS Bending Rolls (BR2000/75wns)

Additional information

Weight 1250 kg
Model: BR1520/75wns
Roll Size: 1520mm Length x 75mm Diameter
Maximum Thickness: 1.2mm Mild Steel
Rolls: Bottom Slip
Frame: Fabricated Steel Frame
Dimensions – machine (apx): 1900mm x 670mm x 1120mm (l x w x h)
Dimensions – packing (apx): 1800mm x 850mm x 1300mm (l x w x h)
Weights – net/gross (apx): 300Kg/380Kg

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